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Banning Jail Bail Bonds Process

If you have been notified that someone you care for has been arrested and transported to the Banning Jail the first thing you will want to do is remain calm.  You will then want to contact an expert bondsman as quickly as possible.  This person will be able to answer any questions you might have about how bail works and can walk you through the necessary steps in order to get your loved one released from custody fast.

When a person is transported to the Banning Jail they will need to be booked into the system.  The jailer will take their photographs and their fingerprints.  They will also type the defendant’s personal information into the computer.  That person will also need to undergo a national background check and warrant screen.  This is done by submitting their fingerprints to the Department of Justice (DOJ).  The DOJ receives thousands of sets of prints every day.  It often takes them 4 to 6 hours to get those results back to the jail.   The jailer will not allow anyone to bond out until the fingerprint screen is returned.

While all of this is going on you will want to reach out to a Banning bondsman. Many people thing the process of getting someone released from custody is going to be very complicated.  It is actually much faster and easier than many people think.

The person you are working with will begin by asking you a series of questions.

  • Do you know how long ago the defendant was arrested?
  • What is the correct spelling of their first and last name?
  • What is the nature of the crime they are being accused of?
  • Do you know their bail amount?
  • How long have you known the defendant?
  • What is your relationship to him or her?
  • Are they currently employed and if so, what type of work do they do?
  • Do they rent or own their home?
  • Does this person have other family that lives nearby?
  • Are you willing to accept responsibility that they will return to court to handle their case?

The bondsman may also ask similar questions of you.   From here you will be asked to complete a bail bonds agreement form.  This document shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so to fill out.  Some companies will require you come into their office to do paperwork.  Others allow clients the option of doing this through fax or email for fastest service.  You will want to be sure to hire a company you feel is best suited to help based on your individual situation.

You will also be asked to arrange payment for the bond.  The California bail industry is overseen by the Department of Insurance (DOI) and the DOI is the regulatory agency that tells bail bonds companies the rate they are to charge clients.  That rate is 10%.  If the defendant’s bail has been set at $20,000 you can expect to pay $2,000 to purchase a bond.  You will want to remember that the fee you pay to a bondsman is earned in full at the time the defendant is released from jail.  It will not be refunded in part or in full no matter the outcome of the case.

If you are unable to pay the full 10% all at once, don’t worry.  You will simply want to ask the agent if they can help you with a flexible monthly payment plan.  Some companies offer this whereas others do not.

Once the contract has been returned to the bondsman and payment arrangements have been worked out an agent will be dispatched to post the bond.  The defendant will typically be released between 4 and 6 hours later.  Their exact release time will depend on how busy the jail is.

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