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Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism which is unexpected from a bail bondsman. Our customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional..


Release Time

FAQ: How long will it take for the defendant to be released from a Riverside jail after the bond is posted? No bondsman give you an exact release time for a Riverside County Jail. The time it takes to get someone released from jail depends upon several factors; including how busy jail staff is at…Read more…

The Cost of a Bail Bond

FAQ: What is the cost of a bail bond? In Riverside County and throughout California, the cost of a bail bond is 10 percent of a defendant’s total bail amount. For example, if the defendant’s bail is $10,000 then the fee for the bond is $1,000. Only in very limited circumstances can a bondsman offer…Read more…

Failure to Appear

FAQ: What happens if the defendant fails to show up for court? If the missed court date was an accident, call us and we can help get the date rescheduled in most instances. If the defendant intended to skip court, then the court will issue a warrant for his or her arrest. The bond will…Read more…

No Collateral Riverside Bail Bonds

Will I need to have collateral? In most cases, with Adelante Bail Bonds of Riverside County, our clients will qualify for a no collateral bond. Bonds that are considered high-risk or that have a very high bond amount may require collateral. In those cases, real property (a home or other real estate) is put up…Read more…

Bail Bond Explained

What is a bail bond? A bail bond is a guarantee to the court that a defendant will return for every case hearing after they have been released from jail. A contract for the bail bond is between a licensed riverside bail bondsman, the defendant, and in most cases a cosigner. Once the bond is…Read more…