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Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism which is unexpected from a bail bondsman. Our customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional..

Bail Bonds Cost

Most clients are concerned with bail bond costs. This is natural since most people have never needed to bail anyone out of jail and bail amounts in California are the highest in the nation.

The cost of a bail bond in California is 10% of a defendant’s full bail amount.

For example, if the bail is set at $50,000 then the fee for a bond will be $5,000. This bail bond “premium” is a fee set by the Department of Insurance which regulates bondsmen.

Riverside Bail Payment Options

We accept payments made with cash and credit card.

Payment generally needs to be made before we can post the bond for the release.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for the most convenient payment option.

Credit cards can help expedite the bail bond process, meaning your friend or family member will be released from any Riverside jail sooner.

Using a credit card provides convenience by allowing you to never have to leave your home or place of employment to complete the bail bond process. We can complete the required documents online. It can be very helpful for most clients if they do not have to make the trip to a bail bondsman, especially if they live out of state or have other issues where they can’t leave their current location (job, kids, etc.).

Interest-Free Financing

While the cost of a bail bond is a great reduction from the total bail amount, some people still find it difficult to afford.

We know that you want to do whatever you can to help your loved one get out of jail, but that doesn’t mean you should put a strain on your budget.

We are happy to work with you and find the payment plan that is best suited for you and your budget.

When you call about a bail bond, the agent will be able to determine if you qualify for free financing of the bail bond. You will need to have good credit or own a home. Other factors that we consider are employment history, arrest record, length of residency and your ability to meet payments.

When we begin to set up your payment plan, be realistic about what you can pay. If you can only afford to pay $200 a month, don’t agree to pay $500. You will need to pay part of the fee up front in order to show that you are committed to following through with the payments.

Before you agree to bail someone out, you must be certain that he or she will return to court for all of their hearings. If they don’t, you will be stuck repaying the balance of the full bail amount, not just the fee. If you aren’t confident that the person will show up for court after they’re released, don’t put yourself at risk by cosigning for a bond.

No Collateral Bonds

Many clients will qualify for a no-collateral bond. If we do require collateral to secure the bond, it will be done as a lien on your California real estate property. The property must have equity and all of the owners for that property will need to sign the lien.

Collateral is typically required for high-risk loans and those with high dollar amounts, such as $100,000 or more. By putting a lien on your property, we are adding incentive for the defendant to return to court. If they decide to skip court, you could lose the property.

Once the case has been resolved, collateral will be returned and the lien on your property will be removed. You will want to notify the bondsman yourself once the case has concluded because courts may not move quickly in notifying the bondsman. The sooner we know, the faster we can remove the lien from your home.

For more information about the bail bond process in Riverside County, call us anytime at 951-213-4788. A licensed bondsman is here 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to help you with Riverside bail bonds payment plans.


Updated:  07/23/2015