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Federal Bail Bonds

Federal Bail for Riverside County

If someone is charged with a federal crime, the bail bond process is slightly different than when a person is facing California state charges.

Both types of bonds serve the same purpose, in that they allow the defendant to stay out of jail for the duration of the court case. A federal bail bond is a guarantee to the US District Court that the defendant will appear for all hearings.

Unlike with the state of California, there is no preset bail schedule for federal crimes. Instead, the defendant’s bail will be determined by the judge during the arraignment hearing. The bail amounts for federal crimes are often set much higher than for state crimes, which can make it more difficult to obtain the defendant’s release from jail.

A bail bondsman with the knowledge and experience to handle a federal bail bond can help you for a fee. The agent will be able to answer all of your questions about federal bail bonds and explain the differences between those and state bonds.

For further information on Riverside federal bail bonds, call 951-213-4788 and speak to an experienced bondsman.

Cost of Bail

The main difference between the two is the cost. A state bond in California costs 10% of a defendant’s total bail. A federal bond is slightly more at 15%. For example, if the defendant’s bail was set at $50,000, a federal bond it will cost $7,500.

Federal bail bonds cost more because they are considered a higher risk. The charges for federal crimes can often be more severe and carry a heavier penalty. Additionally, the federal courts impose additional contingencies on the defendant.

Collateral will be required in order to secure the bond, so the collateral will have to have enough value to cover the full amount of the bail. This is most often done with real estate property, but can also be addressed in multiple properties, cash or a combination.

Once the case has been resolved, the collateral will be returned to the owner. If the defendant fails to appear for court hearings, however, the property will be forfeited to the US government and the bond will be revoked. The defendant will then be taken back to jail to await trial.

For more information about federal bail bonds in Riverside County, call one of our licensed bondsmen at 951-213-4788. We are here to help with the federal bail bond process 24-hours a day 7-days a week.


Updated:  07/23/2015